Roof Repair Delafield

Roof Repair Delafield

What to Look For

Inspecting your roof does not mean walking on the roof. Roof walking is dangerous and best left to the professional. So first things first, stay off the roof!

From the safety of the ground or through a window, perform a visual inspection of the roof with binoculars. Remember: A roof is designed to age over time. Even a one-year-old roof will look different than a roof that was just installed. But by inspecting your roof regularly, you can spot changes and potential problems.

Look for shingles that are missing or loose, or show signs of heavy wear or degradation (bald spots, granule loss, or severe curling), as these are considered weak points where water can penetrate and cause leaks. While it is normal for asphalt shingles to experience some curling, significant or abnormal curling are indicators that your shingles are reaching the end of their useful life.

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What to do if you see you are in need of roof repair?

If you suspect your Lake Country home is in need of any type of roof repair, don’t waste your time with the dangers of a roof. Call or Email for a free in person assessment of the repair.