Our Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

At 4 Brothers Contracting, we provide a complimentary 10-year warranty on all work completed. In the event that there is a problem with the work performed on your home or business, we will take care of the labor and materials involved in the original installation. Making sure the customer and investments are covered during their renovation is our top priority. We respect and listen to our customers’ concerns and needs to ensure everyone is on the same page before we begin a renovation project.


4 Brothers contracting will uphold and exceed industry standards. If during the time of installation there is a fault in our workmanship process that does not meet industry standard, we will conduct a meeting about the fault, diagnose the cause, inspect damages and create a solution. Damage that occurs during the installation process is covered under 4 Brothers Contracting 10 year warranty, i.e; screen damage, window damage, gutter damage, personal property damage,etc.

Roof warranty

Shingle Warranty

With a best in class 4 Star – 50 Year Shingle Warranty we make sure our customers are covered! It’s no secret that your roofing system can greatly affect the rest of your home. CertainTeed provides several types of warranties to cater to the customers budget. We remove the guesswork and stress from your renovation process.
No matter what shingle grade you decide on, we will provide the same 50 Year Non-Pro-Rated Warranty. After your roof is completed your exterior specialist will submit your warranty to Certainteed. When it is completed our Certainteed will send you a warranty packet in the mail assuring you that you’re covered!

What is SureStart Plus?

Sure Start Plus is a Warranty System that gives extra protection when your CertainTeed Roofing System is installed by a Certified CertainTeed Shingle Master™ or SELECT Shingle Master roofing contractor.™
When you insist on the Integrity Roof System™ and a SELECT Shingle Master™ Roofing Contractor, you get roofers that are held to the highest standards in the roofing profession.

CertainTeed roofers

Integrity Roof System Requirements For SureStart PLUS:

A shingle roof system will qualify as an Integrity Roof System™ for SureStart™ PLUS when all of the following conditions have been met:

  1. All CertainTeed products must be installed in accordance with the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual (SAM) and applied over a clean, dry deck (lay-over or roof-over installation does not qualify).
  2. All SureStart PLUS jobs must be supervised by a Master Shingle Applicator.

A Superior Roof is Stronger Than The Sum of Its Parts!

Waterproofing Underlayment:

CertainTeed WinterGuard™ is required as follows:

  • Must be installed at the eaves if required by local building code, or when the roof system is in a snow zone, or north of the following states: NC, TN, AR, OK, NM, and AZ
  • Must be installed at all roof penetrations
  • Must be applied as a valley liner for closed or woven valleys
  • Is recommended as a valley liner for open valleys; otherwise, open valleys must be installed in accordance with NRCA Roofing Manual specifications

Shingle Underlayment:

  • CertainTeed Roofers’ Select™, DiamondDeck™, RoofWrap™, or ShingleFelt™ must be installed
  • If CertainTeed products are not available, then the underlayment must meet ASTM D4869 or ASTM D226 (non-perforated) or ASTM D6757 standards of performance

Starter Course:

  • Must be CertainTeed pre-cut starter or made from CertainTeed shingles.


  • Must be CertainTeed shingles with a warranty duration of at least 25 years.

Hip and Ridge Caps:

  • Must be CertainTeed pre-cut hip and ridge accessory or made from CertainTeed shingles.


  • Must be installed to meet applicable model code requirements or building code standards.
  • Must have adequate intake and exhaust vents to achieve proper net free ventilation area.
  • If ridge ventilation devices are installed, they must be CertainTeed Ridge or Rolled Ridge Vents.

Flat Roof Sections:

  • If a Flintlastic® System is part of the job, up to ten (10) squares will be covered as follows:
    • – Flintlastic SA 2-ply system  (nailbase and cap sheet) for 12 years
    • – Flintlastic SA 3-ply system  (nailbase, plybase and cap sheet) for 15 years
    • – Flintlastic SA 3-ply system  (nailbase, midply and cap sheet) for 20 years
  • Refer to the Commercial Systems Specifications Manual for the warranty duration for all other Flintlastic systems.
  • Approved CertainTeed Commercial Systems Specifications must be used.
  • Torch-applied systems must be installed by a CertainTeed Commercial Roofing approved contractor.
Roof with warrantty

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