Hail Damage

In Wisconsin, we are no strangers to unpredictable and often violent weather. Hail causes billions of dollars worth of damage across the US every year. It is important to know how to protect your home in these events. There are certain steps you should follow when filing an insurance claim and red flags you should look out for when selecting a contractor.

  1. Firstly, it is important to know what damages from hail look like and how they can make your home more susceptible to serious interior, exterior and structural damage. When hail hits any type of metal (gutters, vents, siding, roofing material) it can dent it, damaging it and preventing it from working properly. When hail hits an asphalt roof, it can dislodge the granules. Over time, the freeze and thaw cycles will dislodge even more granules, leaving your roof vulnerable to water seeping inside your home.
  2. Protecting your home during a hail storm starts as soon as the storm hits. You should note the time and date of the storm, this is important information for the insurance company. If you can, you should take pictures and videos of the hail so your contractor and insurance company can have a reference of the size of the hail.
  3. After the storm, you should contact a local, reputable roofing contractor to come out for an inspection. Make sure the company is insured and look at reviews on Google, Better Business Bureau, and Facebook to find one you can trust. At 4 Brothers Contracting, LLC we offer free inspections. You should have an inspection prior to contacting your insurance company so that you can confirm that there is damage. It is also beneficial to contact a local roofing company immediately after the storm. In the weeks following a significant storm, you will see many other companies canvassing your neighborhood. Many of these are out-of-state storm chasers who flock to an area after a storm to sign as many jobs as possible and then leave once the work is complete. These companies often use inferior materials and will not be around long enough to honor their warranties.

Roof Inspection After Hail Damage

You can schedule your inspection while you are at home or away, depending on what you are comfortable with. Our inspections include examining the siding, gutters and roof for any damage. After the inspection, we will let you know immediately if there is enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. At this point, you should inform your insurance company and schedule an adjuster to come out for an inspection. If you choose, you can let the contractor of your choice know when the adjuster is coming and they will meet with them. This is beneficial because your contractor can point out the damage that they saw and try to get everything covered.

After your adjuster comes out for their assessment, they will send their findings to your insurance company. It is ultimately the insurance companyโ€™s decision whether or not to cover your roof and/or siding. If they decide to cover it, they will send you a breakdown of what they are covering and for how much. You can choose to share this with your contractor, who can confirm that they are covering all the necessary materials and labor required to complete your project correctly. If there is anything that the insurance company missed, the contractor can submit a supplement to get it covered.

On this breakdown, you will see two values listed, the ACV (Actual Cash Value) and RCV (Replacement Cost Value). The ACV is the lower of the two values. This is the value of your roof or siding as it is right now, taking into account the depreciation and age of it. This is the amount you will receive right away, regardless of whether you replace it or not. However, it is highly discouraged to just pocket this amount without completing the work! If you decide not to replace the roof or siding, it will no longer be covered under your policy.

The RCV is the value you will receive once you complete the work. After you receive your fully paid invoice from your contractor, you need to send this to your insurance company to prove that the work was complete.

After Roof Repair

After you get your new roof installed, it is important to let your insurance agent know what shingles you used. If you elected to use an upgraded shingle with a higher impact rating, you may be able to qualify for a discount on your premium!

At 4 Brothers Contracting LLC, we hope this helped answer your questions about hail damage! If you have any other questions or wish to set up an inspection, please give us a call!